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Manufactured in USA

Derek Anderson

Derek Anderson image

Prince of Wales Island SE Craig, Alaska & Washington State

Organization: Screamin' Reels Guide Service, LLC

Favorite Fishing: Salmon & Steelhead



Facebook: Screamin Reels Guide Service

Instagram: Screamin Reels Guide Service


Biography: Hi, my name is Derek Anderson and I am an outdoor enthusiast! Growing up and living in the Pacific Northwest we are truly an outdoors family. The journey of Screamin' Reels Guide Service began in 2003 in Washington State and has expanded into South East Alaska on Prince of Wales Island for King Salmon and Halibut. We also operate on Washington State's most productive Rives in the Spring and the Fall months fishing for Salmon and Steelhead. We provide fishing adventures for Corporate groups and private parties alike. At Screamin' Reels providing a quality fishing adventure is key! Our boats and gear are the highest quality in the industry, but most importantly our crew is very professional as well as very personable. We take pride in providing the highest quality care given to each and every customer for the best fishing experience possible. We truly love and appreciate our outdoor office and love sharing it with our customers. Come experience your next outdoor fishing adventure this summer in wild SE Alaska with Screamin' Reels Guide Service! Where fishing is your hobby and our business!

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