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Joe Greco

Joe Greco image

Guide / Writer
Saratoga, NY

Organization: Justy-Joe Charters & The Angler Magazine, Upstate NY Edition

Position: NYS Licensed Guide / Monthly contributer

Location: Saratoga County, NY

Favorite Fishing:  Walleye




Biography: I grew up fishing with my father all over the east coast including Lake George, Lake Champlain and various small ponds in the Adirondack region of upstate NY. I was taught how to fish and enjoy the outdoors at a very young age and it continues to be my ultimate passion. Dad taught me how to be patient with clients and of course all about fishing for lake trout and salmon in the waters we fished. I am currently working as a guide part time for Justy-Joe sportfishing charters, and as a monthly and weekly contributor for “The Angler Magazine” and blog for “” as well. I live with my two beautiful daughters Avery and Charlotte and spend many free days a field chasing Walleyes in the local rivers and lakes I live by. My ultimate passion is night fishing in the fall for Hog walleyes on Big baits!

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