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Manufactured in USA

About Us


Donnmar pliers are precision instruments designed to provide fishermen with years of flawless performance. Our pliers continue to be the choice of serious fishermen and are revered for their ultra-lightweight, superior strength and easy-to-grip design. Donnmar pliers boast outstanding features and unmatched performance in both fresh or salt water.


Donnmar Enterprises, Inc. was founded in Oregon in 1982, by LaMar R. Madsen and Sue Madsen. The company started off as a mechanical engineering consulting firm for various high-tech industries in the Pacific Northwest.  In 1987, the company moved it operations to Vancouver, Washington and started developing a product line of new generation fishing tools.  The Checkpoint name was born shortly thereafter and Donnmar Enterprises started full scale production of its Checkpoint Titanium and Stainless Steel fishing pliers.  The pliers were sold under the Checkpoint brand as well as OEM for many worldwide fishing tackle retailers.  The company filed for bankruptcy in 2001 and was acquired by Brian Butts of Sampo, Inc.  Brian moved all the operations to his facility in Barneveld, NY after the acquisition. Under the Sampo company, Donnmar pliers continued their tradition of crafting the highest quality, Made in the U.S.A. products.   In 2016, Rome Specialty Company, Inc. (ROSCO) acquired the Donnmar and Sampo brands.  Production was moved to ROSCO’s facility in Rome, NY.  The expert staff that handcrafts each pair of pliers continues to be employed at the new location to ensure quality products are built for our discerning customers.  Donnmar’s Checkpoint pliers and accessories have a proud history of being the best on the market and continue to be Made in the U.S.A. with American made components.