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Manufactured in USA


Donnmar Pliers are extremely high quality fishing pliers, manufactured to the highest specifications and tolerances.  Like all products, proper maintenance of your pliers is essential to maintaining perfect performance, especially with use in saltwater.  A little care will ensure your pliers will last a lifetime.

Proper Care

  • Rinse with freshwater after each use, especially after use in saltwater.
  • After rinsing your pliers, dry with a towel
  • Occasionally, treat your pliers with an anti-rust spray, such as WD40 or Boeshield T9.  Wipe with cloth and air dry.  This will help prevent spotting on Stainless Steel models and on the screws, bearing, spring and cutters.
  • If you need to have your pliers professionally cleaned and serviced by our technicians click here to go to our warranty and service page.

What Is Passivation?

If you happen to see something that looks like rust on your Stainless Steel model Donnmar Pliers, don't panic.  Sometimes, despite the pliers being made out of Stainless Steel, small spots of rust may develop due to tiny particles of Iron on the surface of the Stainless Steel.  It is just corrosion on the surface and can easily be cleaned off, your pliers are not rusting. Our Stainless Steel pliers go through a passivation process to help prevent this from happening, so that there is a thin oxide layer on your pliers.  Sometimes over time this layer can breakdown and small spots of rust may start to "grow".  By treating your pliers with WD40 or Boeshield T9, this will help prevent this, but if you see any be sure to spray your pliers and wipe them clean with a brush and towel.  If this doesn't help you, you are always welcome to send them back to us for a full refurbishment, which makes your pliers looks as close to new as we can get!