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Warranty & Service

Replacement cutters are not available for purchase at our retailers, due to our high standards each pair needs to be sent in to us to be fitted with a custom made set of cutters, which is professionally ground and fitted to each individual plier.  This ensures your pliers are working perfectly for many years to come. A new set of custom fitted cutters is available for $30, or you can get a complete refurbishment.  Please see below, the warranty and service form, for instructions.

Donnmar Warranty and Sevice Policy

Donnmar Pliers have a Limited Lifetime Warranty. For the first 10 years, your pliers will be repaired or replaced at our discretion due to material and workmanship defects. A purchase receipt is required. Replacement cutters are not part of the warranty.

For the life of your pliers, a $50 service fee (per pair) covers replacement of custom fitted tungsten carbide cutters, bearing replacement, spring replacement, cleaning, sandblasting and an anti-rust treatment and return shipping to the US (extra charges may apply for International shipping).

  • Refurbishment does not cover replacement of rubber handles, if for some reason they are damaged or loose we will repair them to the best of our ability.
  • Current average turnaround time for service is 10 business days, so you will be back on the the water with your Donnmar Pliers quickly!  Times may vary depending on demand.

Thank you for using our high-quality American made products!

Click the link below and download our warranty form.

Warranty & Service Returns Form